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One third say it's the game they would least like their child to receive

GTA V voted mums’ worst game this Christmas

It’s official: Grand Theft Auto V really is mum’s worst nightmare.

It’s the one video game that mothers do not want their children to receive this Christmas, according to data from babies.co.uk.

Over 30 per cent of mums’ agreed that GTA V was the game they would least like their child to receive. Killzone: Shadow Fall claimed 21 per cent of the votes, followed by Dead Rising 3 with 20 per cent of the votes. Fourth on the site’s poll of parents’ most unwanted games was Call of Duty: Ghosts with 17 per cent.

James Macfarlane, managing director of Babies.co.uk, said: “It became apparent that our users were very scared of the level of realism found in a game like Grand Theft Auto V. While it is hard to see a child relating with a zombie first person shooter, as is the case in some of the other games in the poll, parents are clearly concerned that a game which rewards murder, arson, torture and theft in the way that GTA V does, might make the same actions in real life more acceptable.”

Despite this, 80 per cent of parents felt that gaming was a part of the ‘balanced blend’ of their child’s education.

Macfarlane added: "It is clear that parents in the UK have accepted that gaming is now an integral part of our childrens’ lives. It might just be worth asking the parent in question before buying their child a game that is on this list."

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