‘Desk-free’ PC would replace monitors with walls and remove the need for cables

Apple patents wireless projector PC

Apple has patented a computer that would do away with a monitor in place of an integrated projector.

The ‘desk-free’ computer would include a projector inside the system’s case alongside components such as a processor and memory.

The device is designed to be mobile, envisioned as using wireless connections to peripherals such as speakers, mice and keyboards.

In Apple’s ideal situation, even a power supply would be cable-less, using an ‘inductive charge system’ or similar technology to ensure that the box is a portable and hassle-free device.

The built-in projector would also be able to adjust for optimum viewing on whichever surface was being used as a display, with ambient light and viewing angle calculated.

Originally filed in 2008, it has taken five years for the patent to be granted. How long it will take before we see such a system – if ever – is yet to be seen.

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