Third-party marketplace is now officially up and running

Online marketplace OnBuy makes first sale

New British third-party online marketplace OnBuy has made its first sale and has officially gone live to customers. 

The site’s first sale was for an £18.99 children’s magic set through trader Zizy Limited as it briefly opened up its checkouts for a live trial on Saturday, December 7th.

After the test, OnBuy officially opened its checkouts on Friday, December 13th and is now gradually bringing sellers online.

Cas Paton, Managing Director of OnCommerce and creator of OnBuy, said: “This was just one of the stages we needed to get through to make sure OnBuy is ready for the masses. 

“Making the time to quietly do this was quite difficult. We’ve been under the public gaze for quite some time now, and finding the right moment to test the checkout was so very important.

“The purpose of the test was not to make a sale but we’re delighted that someone will get a magic set for Christmas thanks to OnBuy’s first ever customer." 

OnBuy has been launched as a British alternative to Amazon and offers sellers lower rates than its rivals in every category. Unlike Amazon, it deals exclusively with third-party sellers who trade through the site, so it says it never competes with its own sellers.

OnBuy plans to offer millions of products from major brands to independent retailers.

OnBuy, based in Basingstoke, was founded by 28-year-old entrepreneur Cas Paton, who also founded leading web development agency OnTop Media. It has secured major investment from UK IT giant Centerprise International.

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