UbiSlate 7Ci is aimed at providing cheap internet access

£30 tablet arrives in the UK

A tablet costing £30, which was originally launched in India, has arrived in the UK.

The UbiSlate 7Ci was known as the Aakash 2 in India, and has been brought across to the UK by its English manufacturer Datawind.

The seven-inch tablet, which has Wi-Fi, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and runs on Android, is largely designed to provide cheap internet access and browsing for educational needs.

The battery is said to last for three hours, and the device can play videos, games and browse the web.

The low price of the UbiSlate is managed by offsetting production with advertising revenue and content, explained Datawind.

While the device was one of the best-selling tablets in India at the beginning of 2013, some commentators have warned British consumers not to expect the performance and quality of higher-priced tablets.

"The reality is that with any consumer electronics device you get what you pay for," explained CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood.

“Any consumer buying this tablet with the expectation it will deliver a comparable experience to more expensive, yet affordable, Android tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Tesco’s Hudl will be sorely disappointed."

The UbiSlate 7Ci is available now on Datawind’s own online store.

PCR has contacted the company to see if the tablet will be arriving in any other shops in the future, but is yet to have any information confirmed.

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