Business magnate dismisses claims, blocks users on Twitter

Toshiba: ‘We did not pay Lord Sugar to promote laptop’

UPDATE: Toshiba has sent a statement to PCR explaining the laptop sent to Lord Sugar was not for promotional purposes, nor was Sugar paid to mention it on Twitter.

"Toshiba UK supplied Alan Sugar with a Portege Z930 laptop as part of an on-going B2B seeding programme, not for any promotional purposes," said Toshiba in the statement. "Additionally, Toshiba has not paid or sponsored Alan Sugar to tweet about any of our products."

Original story (published on December 13th):

Amshold chairman and The Apprentive TV star Lord Sugar has hit out at those accusing him of writing "paid-for" posts promoting a Toshiba laptop on Twitter.

Sugar – who has 3.2 million followers on Twitter – wrote about the Toshiba Portégé Z930 business laptop six times between November 29th and December 3rd, and several users messaged him asking if they were sponsored or paid-for messages.

He hit back at some of the comments and blocked some of the Twitter users. 

Sugar said in one tweet: "This Toshiba Z930 is so thin and light I barely notice it when you’re carry it and the solid state drive is fantastic. No boot up time."

Twitter user @Liam020530 asked: "Shameless product promotion. Haven’t you got enough money?"

Sugar responded: "You tw.. isnt it possible I just want to compliment something."

Twitter user @stephen_mcateer3 (who said he was later blocked by Sugar) also asked: "Are these sponsored tweets?"

Sugar responded with: "Yes I get £20,000,000 every time I tweet… double barrel tw.."

Here are Sugar’s tweets regarding the Z930:

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