Concept focuses on bringing back the Start menu

Self-taught user-experience designer ‘fixes’ Windows 8

20-year-old Jay Machalani has put together a concept idea to ‘fix’ Windows 8.

The self-taught user-experience designer has mocked up a number of concepts as a part-time hobby after being frustrated by the operating system.

The basic concept focuses on bringing back the traditional Start menu – something many Windows users have asked for and Microsoft is rumoured to be introducing in its next major version of the OS.

Machalani has demonstrated how Windows Phone’s Live Tiles can work on the OS and has turned his attention to stylising icons, typography, and matching folder colours as well as the accent colour of the Start screen. 

He has also mocked up ideas for Windows 8-style apps that break away from the "Metro" world and float on the desktop.

Check out Machalani’s Windows 8 concepts at his official website as well as a transition simulation on a Surface Pro 2 below:

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