‘Smart ring’ displays time, alerts and can control connected smartphones

Smarty Ring hopes to give wearable tech the finger

Forget tech at your fingertips – the creators of a ‘smart ring’ plan to go one better and put the future on your finger itself.

The Smarty Ring was created by Ashok Kumar, a tech engineer based in India.

Like multiple smartwatches released and announced recently, the Smarty displays the time, provides call, text and social media alerts and allows users to control their iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

The ring can also be set up to beep if the wearer’s phone travels more than 30 feet away – presumably to notify the user if they’ve forgotten their device or it’s been stolen. Settings can be adjusted via an accompanying smartphone app.

The accessory comprises of a 13mm wide, 4mm thick band finished in stainless steel. Able to sustain power for 24 hours on a full charge, a wireless charger will be included in the package.

The fully kitted-out ring will cost $275 (£168), with lower-functionality models dropping the price a little.

The Smarty Ring can be pre-ordered now, with a release estimated for April 2014.

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