Successful patent could fuel rumours of a smartwatch device from the company

Apple patents curved touchscreen technology

Apple has been awarded a patent detailing a method for creating curved touch surfaces, which could be used in displays.

The patent, which was originally filed for in 2010, specifically includes use of the technology in “touch sensor panels”, “computing systems”, “display devices” and “touch mouse devices”, and could lead to further rumours of an ‘iWatch’ smartwatch device from the company.

Apple’s patented method differentiates itself from existing manufacturing methods for curved touch surfaces use a flat touch sensor under a curved piece of glass, meaning that recognition of touches can be distorted. Apple instead curves the touch surface itself, meaning such sensitivity issues should be eliminated.

The patent also covers the curving of already curved surfaces – for instance, raising a screen in a series of bubbles to recreate a keyboard-like experience for typing onscreen.

If Apple does decide to use the tech in a future iPhone or iPad, it will go up against the recently announced curved devices from LG and Samsung.

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