"During times of austerity, people choose functionality above all else"

YoYoTech launches £8,000 PC: ‘Our computers beat next-gen consoles’

PC manufacturer YoYoTech has announced a range of gaming PCs that it claims will rival Sony and Microsoft “in the battle for gamers’ hearts” in retail stores, including an £8,000 beast.

The XDNA Aurum 24K is priced at £7979.79 – the most expensive PC it has ever produced.

The company described the 24K as a computer created from “the most advanced liquid-cooled components available – hand-crafted within a gold-embossed chassis”.

The recently launched Warbird Colour range of gaming machines will also be part of YoYoTech’s reseller programme, which aims to sell the PCs through retail websites and on the High Street.

The £599.99 Warbird M-Cube 1 includes a 23-inch display and 1TB hard drive, and is said by YoYoTech to be “far more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4”.

A higher-spec model, the £799.99 Warbird M-Cube II, offers a faster processor, 27-inch display and 60GB solid state drive as well as the 1TB hard drive.

Both systems will include a copy of BioShock Infinite and are claimed to be “easily upgradable”.

“While consoles are aimed solely at putting a small, low-cost unit in your living room that can deliver gaming at HD resolutions, the most powerful PCs can drive massive frame rates at the highest possible image quality with resolutions up to four times better than traditional HD TVs,” said Ryan Pearton, business development manager at the company.

“At the moment, the PS4 and XboxOne will be able to offer a similar experience to a mid-range PC, but that won’t last.

“Serious gamers want everything set to ‘max’ to experience their games the way they are meant to be played. That experience is available through YoYoTech’s gaming PCs.”

Talking about the £8,000 24K, Pearton added: "The recession is over, game and simulator developers across the world are pushing through demanding new software and our customers want to enjoy the most advanced programs at blistering speed.

"During times of austerity, people choose functionality above all else. Once the dark clouds pass, aesthetics become much more important – and that’s exactly what the YoYoTech Aurum series is about.”

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