GTX 690 built by super-fan is almost six foot long

Nvidia GeForce graphics card recreated in over £1,000 worth of Lego

An Nvidia super-fan has recreated one of the firm’s graphics cards in Lego.

The creation of the Lego GeForce GTX 690 took three months of planning and construction by Xiosheng Li, who used over 11,000 bricks worth around 10,000 Yuan (over £1,000).

Li, a self-confessed ‘super fan’ who has visited Nvidia’s US headquarters and became the administrator of the company’s official account on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, used Microsoft Excel to try and outline the blocky design of the card, before using official Lego modelling software.

The final build is almost six foot long and two foot wide, and includes a rotating fan branded with an Nvidia GeForce GTX sticker.

In his forum post outlining the creation of the card, Li mentions a previous Lego creation of an Nvidia card, which he brands as “rough and so ugly”.

“I could not believe that this person was dubbed as the world’s coolest A-fan,” Li explains, adding: “I am the coolest Nvidia-fan ever.”

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