Build-it-yourself tech firm Technology Will Save Us increases its focus on retail offering while eyeing the education sector

‘The market for DIY tech is growing’

Technology Will Save Us, a company which produces kits that allow consumers to build their own electronics, has said that the DIY tech sector is growing.

Producer Kirsty Greig told PCR that following a successful Christmas period last year, the self-proclaimed ‘tech haberdashery’ firm is hoping to bolster its retail presence even further in 2013.

“This Christmas is looking good for us so far,” she said.

“Last year was really our first ‘real’ Christmas of sales. We focused on some strong partnerships with Rough Trade and the Science Museum in London as well as some online retailers we were working with.

“This year we are focusing more on our retail offering and have evolved some of our core products to make them even better experiences."

“We definitely think there is a place for DIY computers or tablets, maybe even a DIY phone.”

Technology Will Save Us also spoke of its desire to be at the forefront of the growing education sector.

Greig added: “The market of DIY has risen; the world of education and technology are very much on the agendas of most major corporations, cultural institutions and schools."

“The education sector and market is changing and growing in some exciting ways and schools need adjust to new models. Technology is not going anywhere so we think people will need to do more with it. We want to be leading this shift.”

The company recently released the DIY Gamer Kit – a set allowing gamers to build their own handheld games console. Greig told PCR that the firm expected more complex electronics to become ‘build-it-yourself’ kits as the market grows.

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