Wearable tech could detect mood and help to combat ‘emotional eating’

‘Smart bra’ in development at Microsoft

A mood-detecting ‘smart bra’ has been proposed by researchers at Microsoft.

The wearable system was part of an report on ‘food and mood’, where it was used to track heart rate and skin activity in reaction to the symptoms of ‘emotional eating’.

The data, collected via activity sensors, a gyroscope and accelerometer embedded in the bra, was sent to a smartphone app in order to predict when mood-related over-eating was more likely to take place.

The use of sensors in a bra was particularly useful due to the proximity of the clothing to the wearer’s heart, the researchers noted.

Men’s underwear equipped with similar technology was found to be less effective at recording electrocardiogram information.

Subjects who wore the bra had their moods tracked for six hours a day over a period of four days.

"It was very tedious for participants to wear our prototyped sensing system as the boards had to be recharged every three to four hours," commented Microsoft senior research designer Asta Roseway.

The bra isn’t the first novel everyday tech to emerge, as Sony recently patented a ‘smart wig’, which could feature Wi-Fi, remote control sideburns and a laser-pointer.

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