Prototype will let users change its shape using a remote control

Samsung and LG to reveal ‘flexible’ OLED TVs at CES 2014

It’s rumoured Samsung and LG will unveil flexible OLED TVs at the 2014 International CES trade show in Las Vegas in January.

The pair have already revealed bendable smartphones (Samsung at CES 2013 and LG a few months back) and curved OLED TVs, so could flexible TVs be the next step?

It’s been reported that viewers will be able to use a remote control to bend the screen in a bid to get a better viewing angle. The TVs will feature software that adjusts the image to avoid it becoming distorted.

“Samsung will unveil a prototype of the flexible OLED TV at next month’s ICES,” an ‘industry official’ told Korea Times. The contact also said the TVs’ display size will be “huge”.

Samsung apparently said the tech will use plastic-based OLED displays and a back panel that can ‘deform’ the display. 

An LG exec added: "LG’s new TV chief will meet clients and reporters for the first time as president and will promote something new. We will also unveil a remote bendable OLED TV that hasn’t been seen before."

Earlier this year the United States Patent Office granted Samsung a new patent for a flexible OLED TV.

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