Manufacturer offers to join with rivals to combat ‘consumer apathy’

Mad Catz calls for hardware battle ‘truce’

The hardware manufacturer and designer Mad Catz has called for a “truce” between rival firms, in order to produce universally-compatible accessories and devices.

“Retail space is squeezed and consumer apathy is beginning to set in,” Alex Verrey, global PR and communications director at the company, told PCR.

“How many different yet identical game controllers must retail stock for stubborn devices which refuse to sing the same tune?

“We’re reaching out to developers, publishers, hardware manufacturers and even gatekeepers of operating systems and proposing a truce.”

Mad Catz’ proposal to other firms is the adoption of a “simple, easy standard based on Bluetooth 4.0” for accessories such as controllers, headsets, mice and keyboards.

As part of the appeal, Mad Catz has begun ‘GameSmart’ – an initiative to make products that work with a variety of devices such as smart TVs, mobiles and consoles, including the Mad Catz MOJO.

The MOJO is an Android-based micro-console that Mad Catz describes as a “truly open platform”, allowing previously purchased Android games to run on televisions via the box.

“The MOJO will work great with a whole range of accessories from us or many others,” explained Verrey.
“If that’s not fair, we don’t know what is.

“We’re not suggesting a propriety standard that only Mad Catz benefits from – what we are doing is trying to get us all on the same page.”

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