Edinburgh-based indie says there’s no one else in the UK offering additional screen repairs for free

SimplyFixIt offers ‘Apple-beating’ repair warranty

SimplyFixIt is offering ‘free’ screen repairs for iPhone and iPad under its new warranty policy, which it says bests Apple’s own Care+ service.

Having opened an Edinburgh store earlier this year just yards from where Apple is allegedly planning to set up a new flagship premises, the retailer said the reasoning behind the step was to tap into the potential repairs that customers who own Apple products may require.

In a bid to further emphasise that SimplyFixIt should be the place to go for repairs, the firm has just launched a new policy meaning that anyone who brings their iPhone or iPad into one of its six Edinburgh stores to repair or replace a broken screen can pay an extra £10 or £25 to receive an upgraded warranty to guard against future damage.

Under this policy, if the customer breaks their screen again within either 90 days or 12 months, depending on the option selected, then they are eligible for a free repair.

Not only does this beat Apple’s Care+ service but SimplyFixIt also claims they are also the only repair shop in the whole of the UK offering this kind of warranty upgrade.

“In the UK, you can buy Apple’s Care+ protection for your iPhone for £79 – and then each time there is a broken screen they will charge you another £55 to have it repaired,” Jason Eccles, operations manager at SimplyFixIt, told PCR.

“We can’t find anyone else in the entire country who says to their customers: ‘Even if your phone drops out of your hand and smashes, we will fix it for free.’

“It really feels like a no-brainer for our customers.

“We don’t believe that our customers will be any less careful just because their next screen repair will be free,” Eccles added, on the possibility of inspiring carelessness among customers.

“We just looked at what was already on offer from the industry and thought: ‘Can we beat them?’”

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