Stephen Mader talks about catering to consumers’ ever-growing desire for convenience

OPINION: Removing friction from the path to purchase

Stephen Mader talks about catering to consumers’ ever-growing desire for convenience…

We often focus on all the new touchpoints the shopper has at their fingertips when we discuss the digital path to purchase – mobile, social, and local applications all have an impact on purchase decisions.

Just as important, however, are the fulfilment options the shopper can use to actually receive their tech product once purchased.

Retailers need to understand what stands in the way of their shoppers converting, and focus hard on removing those barriers to purchase. For example, for some categories implementing free returns can often be just as compelling as free shipping.

Christmas has always been one of the most important barometers upon which retail performance is judged and ecommerce is no different.

Last year we saw John Lewis make headlines by announcing that Click and Collect accounted for 35 per cent of their Christmas sales – a number we expect to see increase across the board throughout 2013.

We hold John Lewis in high regard as they can leverage their entire network to help get products to shoppers as conveniently as possible.

Couriers, post, Click and Collect, petrol stations, Waitrose stores – John Lewis offers as many options as possible for the consumer to receive products.

This is indicative of catering to consumers’ increasing desire for convenience – removing friction from the path to purchase will be what sets the good retailers apart from the best.

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