Only half look at their website traffic on a weekly basis

Over a third of UK company websites not designed to work on mobiles

39 per cent of UK companies are yet to develop their website to work on smartphones and tablets, finds new research from C4B.

“The figures are really quite shocking. You can’t afford to ignore the importance of mobile optimisation if you are to survive and flourish in today’s markets,” commented Ian Simpson, managing director at C4B.

“Tablet driven e-commerce has tripled this year to £4.74b and that is 10.4 per cent of total market. In order to target your customers effectively you have to consider the types of devices that your digital media is viewed on. And this includes websites, email, digital publications and social media.”

The report also found that nearly one in ten companies never check their web traffic statistics. With only half looking at their website traffic on a weekly basis.

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