‘Scroogled’ ad follows advert targeting Apple’s iPad

Microsoft attacks Google Chromebook using Pawn Stars ad

Just days after targeting Apple’s iPad in adverts for the Surface tablet, Microsoft has turned its sights onto Google’s Chromebook.

The Windows maker has released an advert featuring the stars of the reality television show ‘Pawn Stars’, in which people turn to turn their old products into cash.

In the advert, a woman tries to trade her Chromebook in for a “ticket to Hollywood”.

One of the pawnbroker owners laughs at her assumption that the device would be worth enough for the ticket.

"This isn’t a real laptop," he comments.

“When you’re not connected, it’s pretty much a brick."

"It doesn’t have Windows, it doesn’t have Office. Without Wi-Fi it doesn’t do much at all – and when you are online, Google tracks what you do so they can sell ads.”

“That’s how you get Scroogled," he adds, referring to Microsoft’s campaign criticising Google’s use of collected personal data.

“Not going to Hollywood, am I?” the woman replies.

“Not with a Chromebook,” the other Pawn Star responds.

View the advert below:


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