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So far no one has figured out how to press the button

Zuckerberg Selfie Stick launches

Australian phone-maker Kogan has created a device to help Facebook fanatics take the perfect selfie.

Although not endorsed by Facebook or Zuckerberg in any way, shape or form, Kogan has decided to make a somewhat bold statement with its latest gadget and call it the ‘Zuckerberg Selfie Stick’.

The device is made up of a stick, a mirror and a camera mount. So far no one has figured out how to press the button. Maybe there will be a second stick called the Selfie Stick Companion Stick, or maybe they will release the Finglonger from Futurama, or possibly just tell users to use the timer…although if you’re using the traditional selfie tool – a smartphone – you might have to find a camera timer app for your device.

Kogan founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan has even written an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, encouraging him to take his first ever selfie with the new device.

The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick costs around £11 and is available from kogan.com.

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