It will arrive in China before heading to the US and Europe

ZTE to launch smartwatch cheaper than Galaxy Gear

Chinese smartphone maker and Telecom equipment provider ZTE is launching a budget smartwatch to rival the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

ZTE’s smartwatch is set to be unveiled in Q1 2014 and arrive in Q2, and will feature technology similar to the Gear, but will be priced lower in order to appeal to more consumers.

“We are focusing on the mainstream market,” Lu Qianhao, head of the ZTE’s handset marketing strategy, told The Wall Street Journal.

He added that the smartwatch will first launch in China before heading to US and European markets at a later stage.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched in September and is priced between £200 and £300. It has sold 800,000 units to date, claims Samsung, which likened it to a "ripening tomato".

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