New advert says a tablet with a keyboard is best

Nokia bashes iPad Air in Lumia 2520 advert

Nokia has taken a leaf out of new boss Microsoft’s book and released a new advert that takes a dig out of Apple.

While the new Lumia ad might not be as brave as Microsoft’s other offerings by actually saying it’s an iPad, it’s clear that the advert is mocking Apple’s new tablet, with the voice over calling it ‘thinner than a pencil’ and saying it ‘has been to space’.

While the ‘iPad’ owner starts off feeling very smug about his device, it soon transpires that the lack of keyboard is causing him some embarrassment in front of a few lady friends.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is the phone-maker’s first Windows tablet and comes with 4G LTE, Windows RT 8.1, 2MP HD wide-angle camera and red, white, cyan and black colour variants.

Check out the new advert below:

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