“Bing is a copy of Google, but with worse results,” says Seevol founder

New search engine to take on Google and Bing with ‘visually pleasant’ experience

London startup Seevol believes it can compete with Google and Bing with its brand-new search engine.

Seevol founder Frank Kristiansen claims the site will make searching a more visually pleasant experience, saying the way we display search results hasn’t changed in 18 years.

Kristiansen has hit out against Google, saying: “The biggest problems with the results in Google are pages with Google Adsense on them. They are in general always low or even bad quality because the only purpose they have is to redirect people to relevant pages via banners in return for a small payment. But Google cannot blacklist all pages with Adsense, it will kill Adsense and a very big part of the income Google generates from advertisement.”

He has also taken a dig at Bing, saying it is ‘a copy of Google, but with worse results’.

Seevol intends to be global, multilingual and provide 100 per cent anonymous search for its users.

“We will not allow affiliate or Adsense websites in our search engine no matter how high the quality on the page is. We see this as low quality and unnecessary noise in the results,” said Kristiansen.

“We live in an age of private space travel, 3D holograms and computer games operated by brain waves, but we still display search results in plain text with blue links like we did 18 years ago when Altavista was launched. We have changed that, and will use a lot of energy to make searching a more visually pleasant experience. The technology is there.”

Seevol is currently searching for investors and is not online yet, but intends to launch in the beginning of 2014.

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