Moving desk makes ‘being more active effortless’

Stir Kinetic Desk hopes to make working healthy

A new desk hopes to combat the health dangers of sitting at a desk by coaxing workers into moving.

The Stir Kinetic Desk can change between sitting and standing heights with a double tap on its integrated touchscreen, and learns the correct heights for each form for separate users, who it recognises as they approach.

The desk can also be set to an ‘active’ mode, where the ‘Whisperbreath’ feature will automatically adjust up and down by an inch, to subtly make workers change their position throughout the day. The mode is said to learn when it is best for each user to move, and aims to make sitting more active without being bothersome.

The built-in touchscreen also displays settings for each adjustment, and keeps track of how long has been spent standing, as well as how many calories have been burned.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can link to other fitness apps, and the desk also stores hidden pop-up AC and USB plugs.

The desk is currently only available in America for $3,890 (£2,401), but the creators have told PCR that they are considering bringing the healthy desk to the UK in the future.

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