Jim Wong will be replaced by company founder Stan Shih

New Acer CEO resigns before starting job

Jim Wong, who was set to become the new CEO of Acer, has resigned six weeks before taking up the position.

Wong had been announced as the successor of J.T. Wang, who left the company earlier this month citing “poor financial results”.

Wong’s resigning seems to have been motivated by Acer’s struggling business too, with a press release stating that he had “stepped down in light of the company’s recent performance".

Replacing Wong will be the 68-year-old founder of Acer, Stan Shih, who has “reluctantly accepted” the leaving of Wang and Wong.

Shih will take up the position of chairman and corporate president, with the position of CEO being temporarily halted.

Wang and Wong won’t be abandoning Acer completely, with both said to "have committed to remain with Acer as advisers to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of the management team, and to help the company back to stability".

Shih commented on the troubled search for a CEO, stating: "Due to the situation that now faces Acer and my personal social responsibilities, I must stand up and take the reign without salary. I will honour and complete all the public affairs and event engagements that I have committed to, but I will also fully support Acer’s ICT device business and carry out the company transformation.”

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