UK Country Manager lists his top five including the Commodore 64

My Life in Gadgets: Sean McSweeney, StarTech

StarTech’s UK country manager Sean McSweeney lists his top five favourite gadgets. 


Okay this is more of a game than a gadget, but back in the day it was a must-have – the fastest rapid fire action game ever! That’s what was written on the box and boy they weren’t kidding. The plastic triggers were hard on the skin and all that rapid firing made one thing inevitable: blisters.

Astro Wars

I guess this was the first true gadget that I owned and a truly amazing game. It’s a dedicated console with superb graphics and amazing sound. You really felt like you were flying through space and blasting baddies to smithereens. Okay I might be exaggerating a little but you have to admit that it was state of the art for it’s time. Today’s ten-year-old boy would vomit if you gave him an Astro Wars console.

Gaggia Classic coffee machine

Working for a Canadian company has opened my eyes to the world of coffee. I can’t start my day unless I have a decent cup of coffee and the only way to successfully achieve this is by using my Gaggia Classic. It does the job perfectly. It’s easy to clean and it looks great in my kitchen. That’s all I want from a coffee machine.

Naim Audio HDX-SSD hard disk player

I love hi-fi. I love Naim audio products. This beauty has SSD storage and is NAS ready. It supports all the usual audio formats but most importantly it supports FLAC. Not only can I add a USB drive to this player, I can even connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor. I can even control it from my iPhone.

Commodore 64

The ZX81 was okay and the Spectrum was good, but with a Commodore 64 you knew you were going places. I didn’t have the fancy 5.25-inch floppy drive, but like most I had the cassette player to load my games. Ah, the good old days…

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