Arrives on Valentine's Day priced at £24.99

The Battles of King Arthur PC game boasts ‘largest ever map’ in strategy genre

Who needs a date when you can take part in historical battles?

Simulation PC game publisher Excalibur has announced its latest title and first turn-based strategy game, The Battles of King Arthur, will launch in the UK on Valentine’s Day on February 14th, 2014.

And it says the title "features a game map larger than any other in the turn-based strategy game arena".

The £24.99 game is developed in-house at Excalibur and will be available as a boxed retail release for PC and Mac as well as a Steam download.

The Battles of King Arthur promises to "bring a fusion of real-time and turn-based strategy to a desktop war gaming". Players take command of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as Arthur aims to grow his kingdom. 

"It has been hand-crafted for maximum enjoyment and features choke points and terrain perfectly blending strategy battlefields with strategic opportunities on one map," said Excalibur in a statement.

"Players will fight battles on landscapes that suit themselves using the type of army that plays to their own strengths. Placing archers in the forest and luring your enemy close will afford you a sneak advantage whereas you’ll develop a cavalry if you see your army’s strengths in fighting on the open ground."

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