Project asking for $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter

Kano computer: Build a Raspberry Pi PC in 107 seconds

The Kano computer aims to make building a Raspberry Pi PC as simple as playing with Lego.

Boasting that the PC can be made in just 107 seconds, Kano says its project provides a plug-and-play learning environment aimed at children as young as eight, right up to adults who may find the Raspberry Pi on its own a little difficult to get up and running.

Kano is asking for $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter, with a kit available for a $99 pledge, or for a $199 “get one, give one” pledge funders are encouraged to get one for themselves and donate the other one to a sponsored child.

The box includes everything required to build a computer apart from a screen. This includes a Raspberry Pi, a case, wireless keyboard with trackpad, cables, Wi-Fi dongle, and a speaker.

The parts clip together like Lego and are all colour coded to make it easy to set up. It also comes with a SD card loaded with Kano OS, a highly customisable and easy to use Debain Linux distribution.

Check out Kano’s ‘How to Make a Computer in 107 Seconds’ video below:

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