Samsung instead calls it the ‘world’s most popular smartwatch’

Samsung Galaxy Gear sells 800,000 units, exec calls it ‘ripening tomato’

The Galaxy Gear has sold 800,000 units in the two months since its launch, with an executive calling the device “a small green tomato”.

Samsung stated that the sales made the device the “world’s most popular smartwatch”, and that it had exceeded expectations.

The smartwatch, which costs around £250, had been hit by some negative criticisms, with a lack of applications the chief complaint in some reviews.

Samsung executive David Eun said that the device was still ‘ripening’ at Business Insider’s Ignition conference.

“What we’re dealing with is small green tomatoes,” he said.

“And what we want to do is take care of them and work with them so they become big, red ripe tomatoes. And what you want to be sure of is that you don’t pluck the green tomato too early and you want to make sure that you don’t criticize a small green tomato for not being a big, red ripe tomato.”

Samsung issued a less metaphorical statement, assuring purchasers that support would be expanded, saying: “We plan to expand [the smartwatch’s] availability by expanding mobile devices that work with the Gear".

However, the Gear could also be set to expand its audience via other means, following the release of the first custom ROM for the device, ‘Null’, by a member of the developer group XDA Developers.

Null allows users to run third-party applications and software, including a full web browser, native email client and the custom Nova Launcher homescreen.

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