Cryptolocker malware demands payment of two Bitcoins – around £530

NCA warns of ransomware scam demanding Bitcoin from UK SMEs

The National Crime Agency has issued a warning that UK SMEs are at significant risk from ransomware emails claiming to be from banks.

The emails come with attachments that look like voicemails, faxes or payment invoices, but they are actually malware called Cryptolocker, which encrypts files and the network the machine is attached to.

Once encrypted, the malware then demands a payment of two Bitcoins, which converts to around £530 to ‘remove’ it.

The NCA urges not to pay this, as it will be unlikely to have any effect. The agency also warns SMEs to make sure staff are informed of the scam and that antivirus software is up to date and important files are stored off the network.

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