Memory provider says faster, lower power modules will arrive before 2014

DDR4 RAM due in December

New DDR4 RAM memory modules will be available for consumers to purchase next month, says memory provider Crucial. 

The firm says the faster, lower power modules are set to arrive before 2014. DDR4 offers twice as much density as DDR3, allowing users to get more out of a single memory module.

The smaller dies also provide more gigabits per component, meaning higher capacity modules up to 16GB will emerge.

DDR4 memory is more than twice as fast as DDR3, plus DDR4 uses up to 20 per cent less power.

Of course, DDR4 is expected to be priced higher than DDR3, and looks set to power PCs built in December and the New Year.

"With DDR4 memory in your system, get ready to process data twice as fast, load applications faster, experience quick snap responsiveness and increased ability to multitask," said Crucial in a statement.

"If you thought the tablets, Ultrabooks, and desktops of today already seem fast – get ready to be blown away. The technology that enables electronics is about to get better and faster than ever before."

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