Lifts previous restriction in its stores' Reuse and Recycling Program

Apple revises water damaged device trade-in policy

Apple now accepts used smartphones, tablets and computers that have water damage as part of its trade-in program.

The tech giant has revised its Apple Store Reuse and Recycling Program in the US and UK so that water-damaged iPhones can be accepted, 9to5Mac reports. However, devices with signs of liquid damage will push down their value.

Previously, if a device’s liquid contact indicator (located in the bottom of the headphone jack) was pink or red instead of white or silver, the phone would be worthless as a trade-in.

However, seriously water-damaged devices with corrosion in the ports or evidence of liquid under the phone’s display, will not be accepted. 

The changes are valid in Apple Stores and don’t affect online trade-in values. 

Apple launched its tech trade-in scheme earlier this year.

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