Pre-alpha standalone version of Arma 2 mod opens with mocking disclaimer

VIDEO: Ten minutes of standalone DayZ gameplay

Pre-alpha footage of the standalone version of DayZ has been released.

Developer Dean Hall posted footage of the open-world zombie survival game on YouTube, showcasing elements such as combat, navigating via compass and inventory management.

The video opens with a mocking disclaimer that the “raw, unedited footage”, which contains “disturbing scenes such as poor FPS, floating loot, bad lighting, placeholder sounds, and many more bugs that obviously never occur in game development” may “deeply trouble experts who post YouTube comments”.

DayZ was originally a mod for the military simulator Arma 2, before its massive popularity inspired a standalone release, developed by the developers of Arma itself – Bohemia Interactive.

The standalone game was due for release last year, until it was delayed in order to improve the game’s engine, which has seen improvements taken from the latest iteration of Arma, Arma 3.

Watch the video, development bugs and all, below:

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