Vibrating bracelets send physical interactions between partners

TapTap Wristbands aim to keep couples connected

A wristband hoping to keep couples connected has hit Kickstarter.

The TapTap Wristband is a snap-bracelet with a removable module that can vibrate and light up LEDs.

Two TapTaps can work in unison, meaning that when one is tapped, the other vibrates and lights up.

The interactions can be sent over long distances by connecting the TapTap to a smartphone via Bluetooth, with the technology deigned for couples who want to send a quick reminder that they are thinking of one another.

“[The TapTap] is a private space for you and your partner, it is unique the same way as you are, and only you two can access it,” explains the Kickstarter page for the wristband.

“Our goal is to create this secret universe which only you two can access. A secret place available for you no matter how far away you are from each other. A place where you can be together, with no words, no strangers, same place as was the room where you first touched each other.”

The wristbands can be customised by removing the module and inserting it into a differently coloured band, or by using an app on the connected smartphone to change LED and vibration settings.

The creators also state that third-party developments using the TapTap’s API are welcome, envisioning the use of the band as an activity tracker, alarm clock and motion controller.

The bottom two tiers for purchasing a pair of the wristbands have sold out on Kickstarter, with pairs currently available for $130.

The campaign ends on November 22nd, and aims to raise $130,000.

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