H81 Pro BTC and H61 Pro BTC are here to help users ‘jump in the gold rush’

ASRock releases Bitcoin-mining motherboards

ASRock has released two motherboards dedicated to mining the digital Bitcoin currency, which it says will help users ‘jump in the gold rush’.

The digital currency Bitcoin can be acquired by ‘mining’ for ‘blocks’. When discovered, certain blocks award a set number of Bitcoins (currently around 25 Bitcoins) to the finder.

Miners use multiple graphics cards – which check blocks faster than processors – in a ‘mining rig’ to try and find the profitable blocks automatically.

ASRock’s H81 Pro BTC and H61 Pro BTC motherboards – both prefixed with the symbol for Bitcoin, BTC – are described by the hardware manufacturer as ‘mining machines’.

Both boards features six PCIe slots for multiple mining graphics cards, with two additional four-pin power connectors to power the cards.

While designed for Bitcoin mining, both boards can also be used in standard PC setups, and include many of ASRock’s standard motherboard features.

For more information on Bitcoin, see PCR’s article on the digital currency.

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