PCR’s research reveals that many tech indies and chains are confident they will see a rise in sales over 2012

Half of retailers expect a very Merry Christmas

Almost half of UK tech stores are confident sales will rise year-on-year over the busy Christmas period.

PCR asked more than 50 select independent retailers and chains for their sales predictions.

We found out that 47 per cent of those questioned were confident sales would rise, with many expecting tablets, gadgets and new games consoles to be their biggest sellers.

“We’re doing a really big push and talking to a lot of different sellers. In the lead up to Christmas we’re strongly focusing on gadgets as well as gaming tech,” commented Cas Paton from etailer OnBuy.

“We’re increasing the number of SKUs we’re carrying in order to take advantage of Christmas sales, including keyboards and mice,” added Andy Ellis from Tecknet Online.

“Consumer and B2B systems are both doing really well,” said James Gordbold from Scan Computers. “We’ve seen very good growth in gaming accessories, desktop and mobile systems have also been doing really well.”

15 per cent of retailers said they are unsure of how sales will fare over the Christmas period, while 21 per cent believe business will be steady, with sales staying the same as 2012.

Gavin Holder at GHI Computers commented: “I expect sales to be the same – although we’re selling more, margins are smaller.”

According to the CEA’s 2013 Holiday Retail Sales Forecast report, total sales in the US for the November to December holiday period are expected to increase by four per cent.

But it may not be rosy for everyone in the UK, as 17 per cent of PC retailers told PCR that they are expecting sales to be down compared to last year.

Some expressed concern about the increased presence of big etailers as the Christmas season approaches.

“Retailers do a lot to try to educate the general public, but customers more often than not take this information and then go on Amazon and purchase on price,” explained Jonpaul Warren, senior buyer at Ebuyer.

Gary Ranson from Budget PCs agreed: “People aren’t spending like they used to. They’re going to eBay looking for a bargain.”


  • 47 per cent of retailers surveyed are confident sales will be up this Christmas
  • 21 per cent believe sales will stay the same as 2012
  • 17 per cent are worried that sales will be down


  • Games consoles, namely Xbox One and PS4
  • Kids’ tablets, especially Leapfrog LeapPad and VTech Inno Tab
  • Tech toys such as Disney Infinity, Skylanders Swap Force and the Teksta Puppy
  • PC mice, keyboards, speakers and headsets

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