Currys & PC World reveals one in five Brits value their TV over family pictures

INFOGRAPHIC: Almost 50% of Brits ‘triple screen’ when watching TV

Almost half of Brits admit that they watch TV at the same time as texting and playing on a tablet or laptop.

A new report by GAME found that while some double or triple screen because they are so busy they can’t put the phone or laptop away, others admitted they do it because they get bored if they only watch TV.

Ian Chambers, Chief Digital Officer at GAME, said: ”Digital technology is advancing at an incredible pace and we’re constantly developing all our channels to make sure we’re delivering for our customers.

”The evolving digital environment brings together so many aspects of life: gaming, entertainment and day-to-day activities like doing the shopping. It’s no surprise this study highlights how commonplace triple screening is today.”

A report by Currys & PC World found that more than 50 per cent of Brits believe the most quality time as a family is spent in front of the TV.

One in four also revealed that they have four TVs in the household. One in five even said they value their TV over family pictures in the living room.

Check out GAME’s Triple Screening infographic below:

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