One third of problems caused by overheating, one fifth by being dropped

Half of UK business tablets fail within two years

47 per cent of British workers who use a tablet at work have seen it fail within the last two years, a survey has found.

The research, conducted by Dynamic Markets Ltd on the behalf of Panasonic, found that those who suffered a tablet failure often went on to experience more trouble, with an average of three failures.

The majority of broken devices (29 per cent) were attributed to leaving the tablet in a hot place, while over a fifth (21 per cent) were instead damaged by a drop or fall – including being knocked off a desk.

Spillages were also a large culprit, responsible for 17 per cent of tablet casualties, with another 11 per cent failed to operate following complete submersion in liquid.

One in ten tablets became roadkill, 11 per cent of users seeing their device run over.

On average, the accidents resulted in battery issues most often (27 per cent), and took around two weeks to be repaired or replaced.

“These findings indicate that British businesses are currently paying a very high price for the convenience of using tablets in the workplace, including expensive total cost of ownership and costly worker downtime,” commented Jan Kaempfer, marketing director of Panasonic Computer Product Solutions.

“The benefits of tablets are clear for all to see but businesses must pay much more attention to the types of device most suitable for their mobile workers and the requirements they have for the device. For example, will the tablet be used inside or outside; will it require removable and exchangeable batteries with long life between charges and will it be exposed to extreme temperatures, dust and dirt or poor weather conditions?”

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