Speaker uses no power or cords and comes in plastic and metal versions

HTC One 3D printed speaker will cost over £1,000

HTC has teamed up with designer Justin Wolter to produce a 3D printed speaker that can increase the volume of the HTC One’s built-in speakers by 50 per cent without any power or cords.

Using just acoustics, the Gramohorn II holds HTC One in the middle of two horns. The speaker acts as a resonance chamber, letting sound bounce around inside.

There will be a plaster-based model costing £1,079, and those looking to buy the metal-based product will have to part with £5,079. The metal version will amplify sound ‘more successfully’ than the plaster option.

HTC commissioned the Gramohorn II as part of the ‘Here’s to Creativity’ project, which sees the firm collaborate with a number of designers on smartphone products.

You can find out more about the project over at HTC’s blog.

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