Stephen Elop rumoured to want to focus on Office and kill off Bing

Next Microsoft CEO to sell off Xbox business, cut jobs? – report

Stephen Elop, the former Nokia boss reportedly in the running to replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO next year, is said to be thinking about selling the firm’s Xbox business.

Elop would consider refocusing the company’s strategy on bringing Microsoft Office software to a host of mobile devices, reports Bloomberg. Elop’s apparent idea is that by doing this, Microsoft could boost sales of Office rather than by using it to aid sales of Windows-based devices.

Part of this plan would involve preparing to switch off Microsoft’s search engine Bing and consider selling strong businesses like games console brand Xbox if "they weren’t critical to the company’s strategy".

Elop would also probably cut jobs and lower budgets to create smaller teams, Bloomberg’s sources stated. While at Nokia, Elop cut 40,000 jobs and reduced operating expenses by 50 per cent.

It was announced that Elop will transfer to Microsoft in 2014 following the news that Nokia’s mobile phone business will be sold to Microsoft.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally is also said to be one of the Microsoft CEO candidates.

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