Rebranded firm plans to expand its business across Europe

Exertis: We want to be No.1 IT distributor

Exertis – the firm formerly known as DCC SerCom – has set itself the goal of becoming the largest IT and home entertainment distributor in Europe.

The company, which owns popular tech distributors Exertis Gem, Exertis Micro-P and Exertis MSE, wants to expand into major European territories following its rebranding.

“We’re the fifth largest IT and home entertainment distributor in Europe, which considering that as a business we have representation in the UK, Ireland and France, makes us a pretty serious player,” Chris Peacock, Deputy MD of the UK and Ireland and head of home entertainment at Exertis (pictured right), told PCR.

“In the medium term, if we could be in a position where we were in the top three, we’d obviously be happy with that, but clearly the ambition is to become the largest at some stage.

“The main logic for the rebranding is to bring us under a common banner to give us a better, stronger platform for future expansion.”

Gerry O’Keeffe, MD of the UK and Ireland (pictured left), added:?“We’re not trying to be the biggest for the sake of being the biggest. Obviously in the UK and Ireland we have a very, very strong B2B business, but what we’re not trying to do is take on the Tech Datas and the Ingrams of the world in the enterprise arena or huge volume related business. 

“Exertis is focused on growing our European and international footprint in the next three to five years. There are opportunities in France to broaden the range of vendors we operate with, but we’re focused on acquisitions in other territories in Europe: there’s a number of those we’re looking at.”

Customers that already have an account with Exertis Micro-P, Exertis Gem or Exertis MSE will continue to operate as normal.

“With time, that may well change, but certainly for the foreseeable future it’s very much business as usual from a customer perspective, although we are very focused on working together in terms of delivering a more complete range of services to our customers, as opportunities arise,” added Peacock.

Exertis rebranded firms

  • Exertis Gem
  • Exertis Micro-P
  • Exertis MSE
  • Exertis Comtrade
  • Exertis Advent
  • Exertis Go Connect
  • Exertis Banque Magnetique
  • Exertis Ztorm
  • Exertis Supply Chain Solutions
  • Exertis Ireland

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