Firm will have to overcome a ‘technology barrier’ before a foldable device can be released

Samsung CEO: Foldable displays coming in 2015

Samsung CEO, Kwon Oh Hyun, has revealed that the company plans to release fully foldable mobile devices in 2015.

A graphic from Sammy Hub shows how the firm plans to move from the curved display found in its new Galaxy Round device, to bended displays in 2014. Toward the end of 2015, Samsung is hoping to release fully foldable devices.

The picture also points out that there will be a ‘technology barrier’ during this transformation. So clearly there are still a few bugs Samsung needs to smooth out to make this a reality.

These barriers could refer to the other components that make up a smartphone, such as batteries and processors, which will also need to be bendable.

Speaking during Samsung’s Analyst Day, Hyun said there is also ‘room for improvement’ on the Galaxy Gear.

During this year’s CES press show, Samsung released a video promo showing some of concept tech that the firm has in mind for its foldable devices. Check it out below:

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