This month, Lorelei Gibb takes a look at how to measure your social media marketing…

OPINION: The troubles of testing social media

This month, Lorelei Gibb takes a look at how to measure your social media marketing…

Strange as it may seem, there are some CEOs and business owners who still see no benefit in utilising social media marketing for their companies. They see no merit in the increased website traffic nor in the wider brand awareness it can provide. And perhaps one of their biggest bugbears is an (apparent) lack of measurement.

Quantifying your social media marketing’s ROI is hard – how can you measure the value of a conversation? What are the merits of having hundreds of Twitter followers, or thousands of Facebook likes? Testing social media is hard, so what’s the use in trying?

In reality, with a little bit of peeking under the covers and looking around the obvious, social media metrics are available, and, in many instances, free.

You should always start off by using the native analytics that most social media sites provide – perhaps the most obvious analytics are on your business’ Facebook page, which if you are an administrator you can’t fail to miss every time you log on.

Then there’s Google Analytics – even if you are part of the anti-social media brigade you should be aware of this service, and be accessing it regularly to measure your website’s performance.

Once you have begun to understand the many ways in which native analytics services can enhance your social media strategy and planning, there is a whole host of other places where you can access more detailed information about your digital presence.

You should always have some way of measuring your marketing results, and this includes your social media marketing. Whatever you are doing online, no matter how well you feel you are doing, you can always benefit from testing, and retesting, what works well – or indeed what doesn’t work well – for your company.

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