Circadia chip expected to hit production in a few months

‘DIY Cyborg’ hacker has chip implanted in arm

A self-proclaimed ‘DIY Cyborg’ has had a smartphone-sized microchip implanted in his arm.

Tim Cannon had the Circadia 1.0 inserted under his skin in order to monitor his temperature, which can then transmit the data to any Android device via Bluetooth. The chip is charged wirelessly, and future iterations are expected to include features such as pulse monitoring.

In one example usage of the technology, Cannon says that the chip could send him a text message if it thinks he’s developing an illness.

As with the majority of ‘biohack’ modifications, the implant couldn’t be approved for a medical procedure, so Cannon had to hire ‘flesh engineer’ Steve Haworth to insert the Circadia “raw dog” – without anaesthetic.

A production run of the chip is expected within a few months, and the board is predicted to cost around $500 (£311) – plus the cost of finding a ‘body modification expert’.

The tech YouTube channel MotherboardTV has a video and interview with Cannon before and after the chip is popped into his arm – embedded below. While there are no shots of the surgery itself, those who are squeamish may want to give it a miss.

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