But survey shows almost half of consumers not interested in either

Consumers four times more likely to buy smartwatches than glasses

Early adopters are four times more likely to purchase a smartwatch than a pair of smartglasses, a survey has found.

The survey of over 400 Americans was conducted by former Wall Street Journal, Fortune and New York Times journalists Jessica Lessin, Amir Efrati, Katie Benner and Eric Newcomer, who posted the results on Lessin’s blog.

The first question, which asked consumers which they would rather buy – a smartwatch or smartglasses – found that 38 per cent of those asked would opt for a smartwatch, while ten per cent would instead choose smartglasses.

Only six per cent would buy both, while almost half (45 per cent) would abstain from purchasing the new tech completely.

However, 62 per cent predicted that they were likely to buy a smartwatch within the next five years. Only 41 per cent felt the same about smartglasses.

The wearable tech market has been heating up over the past year, with the release of the Pebble and Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches and Google Glass continuing to inspire discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of such devices, among many other variants and rumours of similar technology popping up on crowdfunding sites and leaking from various big players in the industry.

Visit Lessin’s blog for further details on the survey’s findings.

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