Service provides expert advice in everything from computers and electronics to cooking and counselling

Google Helpouts launches – provides instant online help and lessons

Google’s Helpouts service, which lets users receive live video lessons and help, has been released to the public.

The service was previously only available to a select group of participants, but now anybody with a Google account can receive help in one of Helpout’s eight categories –Computers and Electronics, Art and Music, Home and Garden, Nutrition and Fitness, Health and Counseling, Fashion and Beauty, Cooking, and Education.

Some of the tech-related Helpouts include ‘Help debugging your Android app’, ‘Rapid game development’ and ‘Programming solutions’.

Helpouts uses video chat on Android devices or via a web browser to connect needy users with more than 1,000 confirmed assistance providers.

The experts can choose to charge for lessons by minute or a flat fee, with Google taking a 20 per cent cut.

If users are left feeling disappointed by their teacher or helper, they can receive a refund through the service’s ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ policy.

Healthcare category providers also have to certified by a third-party to make sure they are genuine before being able to offer help.

Current partner providers on Helpouts include Sephora, One Medical, Weight Watchers, Red Beacon, Rosetta Stone, and HomeAdvisor.

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