Top gadgets include Apple products and heated toilet seats

Gadget Show Live: 30 must-have gadgets for men

Gadget Show Live @ Christmas has put together a list of the thirty pieces of kit that all men should own during their lifetime.

Surveying 3,900 UK gadget fans, Gadget Show Live put together a list for must-have gadget for men in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and over.

The results are as follows:

· iPod dock/Wireless music player
· Bottle opener
· Smartphone
· Nerf gun
· Nintendo Wii games consoles
· Laptop

· iPad
· Lazy Boy gaming chair
· PlayStation 4
· Hair clippers
· Mini drinks fridge
· Digital camera

· Head torch
· Power tools
· Sat Nav
· Leatherman/multipurpose penknife
· Digital SLR camera

· Heated loo seat
· Gas BBQ
· Nose/ear hair trimmer
· All in One remote control
· 84inch LED TV
· Xbox One

Over 50s
· Metal detector
· Sit on lawnmower
· Digital radio
· Leaf-blower
· Golf buggy
· E-reader

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