“You won’t seem like a cyborg with them on,” says ION co-founder

Google Glass rival ION Glasses set for UK launch

The company behind a new pair of smartglasses is in talks with European distributors.

ION?Glasses are billed as an affordable, simplified alternative to Google Glass. They include a notification LED, buzzer and remote controls, all built into a frame compatible with prescription lenses.

The company has already received offers for distribution in Europe and the US, but co-creator of the glasses, Ricardo Urias, has told PCR that the talks remain “confidential”.

“For sure, we will reach an agreement that ensures that the product will be available in opticians and technology stores – the primary channels for the ION Glasses,” he said.

“Google Glass aims to substitute mobile devices. On the contrary, we think that the mobile devices are very well designed and we just want to complement them to allow users to fully exploit their possibilities."

“They’re also really wearable. You won’t seem a cyborg with them on; they will look identical to any other glasses. And last but not least, ION Glasses are compatible with any prescription lenses, while Google Glass is not.”

The glasses are due to launch in February 2014, with Urias expecting RRPs of £80 and £93 for the standalone frame and a set including sunglass lenses, respectively.

Urias said that improvements are already being looked into. “We are developing a wider range of frames, to make them more wearable,” he added.

“Simultaneously, we are developing software updates to add new functions."

"But, first thing’s first: Having the ION Glasses in the market by February.”

Distributors interested in the ION Glasses can contact Urias at: ric.urias@gmail.com

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