Tablet producer sees no threat from intrusion of devices such as iPad into market

Wacom aims for a wider customer base with Intuos pen tablet range

Wacom has released its new range of Intuos pen tablets, which it says aims to address a “wider customer base” by catering for creative consumers.

“We think everyone can be creative, however some people decide to do it as an occupation and some people don’t,” Wacom said in a statement about the release of the pen tablets.

“The Intuos line is designed for beginners, hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals.”

In addition to the Intuos tablets, Wacom has also released the Bamboo Pad, which can be used with the Bamboo styli, both of which it says can be used by consumers to add handwriting and drawing to their computers.

Pen tablets are often used by illustrators and artists to create art by hand, before manipulating and editing it using computer-based services. The tablets can perform actions such as adding hand- written signatures to emails and filling in forms without needing to print them off.

Recently media tablets have entered the market. These use app-based tools to try and recreate the use of pen tablets.

Addressing the increased presence of tablets such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in the creative technology market, by casual as well as professional users, Wacom said offerings are limited for creative users. However, it offers accessories for those kind of tablets.

“We also offer our pen and sensor technology to other manufacturers,” added Wacom, which have licensed such technology in seven of Samsung’s touchscreen devices.

Wacom’s Intuos and Intuos Pro ranges are available now.

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