Deal signed at the Terra Come Together event in Germany

Wortmann partners with Brigantia to launch Terra products in the UK

German computer vendor Wortmann AG, which produces Terra computers and services, has entered into a partnership with UK dealer services group Brigantia. 

Independents can now open accounts with Wortmann to stock Terra and other vendors’ products in the UK. A rebate has been negotiated and will be paid quarterly to subscribing Brigantia members, some of whom attended the Terra Come Together Event at Wortmann’s HQ and conference centre in Germany, where they were introduced to the full range of Terra products. 

More than 1,000 delegates were in attendance, and the UK contingent mixed with Belgian, Dutch, French and Swiss independents to learn how Wortmann have been steadily growing its business in these countries. 

Brigantia says launch offers are currently underway with the important Christmas market in mind.

Iain Shaw, founder and director of Brigantia, said: "We have looked for a brand that our members can sell and then support without the constant fear of being undercut by the multiples, etailers and grocers.

"Terra is proven in Germany and Brigantia members now have the opportunity to build their own success off the back of this record of success, with a company in Wortmann that really understands and supports the independent channel." 

Stephen Bloomfield, sales director for Terra UK, added: "Wortmann is delighted to have concluded a program with Brigantia and will support members and assist them to grow their businesses in the same way they support their German colleagues.

"Terra is now in the UK and we want to grow the business steadily in a sustainable way through the independent channel."

Brett Matthews from Cambridge-based PC business Call commented: "What Wortmann and Terra are doing in Germany is remarkable and for a jaded old UK channel player it was a true breath of fresh air.

"If Brigantia and Terra UK can bring the products and service offering over to the UK at the right price then this could mean the rebirth of many independents businesses here."

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