Specialist distributors can help independent retailers provide their own digital download services

‘Indie retailers can take slice of digital pie with downloadable software’

Independent PC retailers will soon be able to get involved in the growing digital software market, reckons Kaspersky Lab.

Amazon UK, PC World and Currys recently launched online software downloads – and indies could be able to offer them soon, too.

“I think other retailers will have to , because if you look at UK retail at the moment, although it’s not in bad health in the electricals sector, we’ve had some casualties with Comet and all the rest of it,” Kaspersky Lab’s UK and Ireland B2C director Lee Sharrocks told PCR.

“All you need is a web interface and then you should be able to provide digital downloads to your customers, whether you are a big retailer or a guy with one shop.

He added: “There aren’t any distributors offering digital PC software downloads at the moment but I think there will be. A lot are looking at it. It’d be good for the indies too – at the moment one of the things we see is the cash-flow issue in business generally. Digital delivery means effectively the indies only need to buy [software] licences when they need to.

“I think next year we’ll see even more digital delivery. It’s going to be very interesting as retailers and vendors have to adjust their models. It’s good news for all of us because it means there’s more space available.”

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